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The Peace Room offers preventive strategies to preserve dignity and cultivate self-awareness in a school community.  

The carefully designed environment offers students an audience and opportunities for reflection and restoration.  Interventions within The Peace Room address different modalities while providing a variety of vehicles for problem-solving & reconnecting.

Staffed by a paraprofessional or other school personnel, The Peace Room is able to embrace a number of students with varying needs simultaneously.

The entire school community will welcome this proactive approach which has proven to significantly reduce behavior referrals while simultaneously shifting a school culture toward restorative justice.

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We are consultants with years of classroom and administrative experience available to assist in the successful launching of The Peace Room  in your school or district.

We also have a publication available to assist with implementation after initial set up/training titled...

The Peace Room;  Let there Be Peace … Please!! An Educators’ Guide to A Place of Tranquility©     

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